Periodical Subscription Service

Attention: New Periodicals Partner

As of April 1, 2015 we will no longer be accepting renewal orders.

We have enjoyed working with you and are sorry to announce that we are leaving the periodical business. To ensure that your periodical needs will be taken care of in the future we have partnered with WT Cox, an industry leader that we feel shares our values of providing fair prices and offering outstanding customer service. In the future, you will receive your renewal notices directly from WT Cox.

We will still support orders placed prior to April 1, 2015.

We appreciate your business and we will continue to work to resolve problems or answer questions related to any current orders placed with Demco Periodicals. Thank you for your commitment to us over the years! For any questions on these orders, please email Demco at

WT Cox

WT Cox Personal Contact

Dierdre Hopkins, Customer Service Manager

Phone — 800.571.9554, ext. 245
Fax — 877.755.6274
Email —

Still Have Questions?

For more details about your current Demco order, renewal options and next steps, check out our FAQ.