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News for International Visitors!

To provide you with the best service possible, Demco is working with our worldwide distribution partners to make it easier for you to purchase library supplies.

Your orders will be handled by a reputable company geographically closer to you resulting in lower shipping costs and quicker delivery for you and your library.

Demco has worked with these companies for many years and we are confident that they will provide high-quality products and excellent service to you.

If you see a company on our Demco Worldwide Distribution Partners  list below that you have ordered from in the past and want to order from now, please select them by clicking on their website or sending them an email.

* Please Note: Demco will still accept direct orders from APO, FPO and US Possessions.    Click here to continue shopping with Demco..

Click here for the application to become a Demco worldwide distribution partner.

Demco Worldwide Distribution Partners

Name Email Website
Gresswell United Kingdom enquiries@gresswell.co.uk www.gresswell.co.uk
Demco France info@demco.fr www.demco.fr
Demco Netherlands enquiries@demco.nl www.demco.nl
Demco Germany kundenservice@demco.de www.demco.de
Gresswell Ireland enquiries@gresswell.ie www.gresswell.ie
Switzerland - Werner Kullmann info@kullmann.ch www.kullmann.ch
Rest of Europe - Gresswell UK enquiries@gresswell.co.uk www.gresswell.co.uk
Middle East and North Africa - Gresswell c.woolfe@demcoeurope.eu www.gresswell.co.uk
Japan - Kihara Shosando (website in Japanese only) marketing@kihara-lib.co.jp www.kihara-lib.co.jp
Canada (all provinces) - Carr McLean danielr@carrmclean.ca www.carrmclean.ca
Canada (BC)- Bury Museum & Lib Supplies, division of Hi-Cube baustin@hicube.com www.rbury.com
Canada (Quebec,New Brunswick) - R.M Leduc & Cie Inc. info@rmleduc.ca www.rmleduc.ca
Canada (Quebec) - Bibliofiche mblack@bibliofiche.com www.bibliofiche.com
Singapore - Promatech Trading Pte LTD sales@promatech.com.sg www.promatech.com.sg
Australia - Raeco support@raeco.com.au www.raeco.com.au
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